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PlugHead Productions is owned and operated by N. Jay Burr, an accomplished musician, composer, producer, and audio engineer. From its humble beginnings over a decade ago, Jay (aka PlugHead) has recorded dozens of albums, countless demos, scored music for film, video and animation, and been home to various creative projects. The focus has always been live musicians, and recording them at the best of their abilities. The primary objective of this studio has always been to capture the BEST sound. This objective is accomplished through amazing talent, recorded through premium microphones, mic preamps, and great outboard gear in a good recording environment.

With having a musical and composition background, in addition to production and engineering skills, interfacing with the artist on various levels is both easy and accepted. Having composed and arranged music for many years, collaboration with singer/songwriters is not only possible, but is encouraged. This can often help create the best possible body of work, and further develop an artist's material to become not only stronger, but 'market-friendly' as well.

PlugHead Productions has recently relocated, yet has a broad-based clientele, from one end of the country to the other. With the surge of technology in the past decade, having access to musicians around the globe is easier and more affordable than ever. Having direct experience with 'distance' sessions, PlugHead Productions can hire, arrange, and record talent from virtually anywhere, and can be provided to any client upon request.

The decline of record sales has a direct impact on both the artist, as well as a recording studio's livelihood. No other arts-based industry has transformed as rapidly as the music industry, and it's future is currently in a state of flux. With the home recording market full of cheap tools, it is easy for musicians to record original music on their own terms, and at a much more affordable cost than imaginable, even a decade ago. However, many artists lack the experience in recording, and cannot capture their performances where detail, nuance, and flattery are desired. Although having accessible tools is liberating to the artist, it does not necessarily create 'better art'. Through being an artist playing on one side of the glass, and having moved over to the other side, years of dedication and commitment, and attention to detail has yielded many recordings that sonically can compete with 'major label' releases. PlugHead Productions will make every effort possible to capture the magic of your performances in your recording, and endeavor to make the entire process an enjoyable affair.

Studio rates:
$35/hr: less than 10 hrs. booked
$30/hr: 10 to 40 hrs. booked
$25/hr: 40+ hrs. booked
Remote recording services:
$40/hr. - does not include load-in/setup time
teardown/loadout is off-clock.
Mastering (in-house):
$40/song, up to 7 minutes length
$400 for 10-12 songs
$600 for 13-25 songs
Session musician fees:
$75/song to a maximum of $300/8 hr. day

PlugHead Productions Studio Policy

Rates PlugHead Productions' rate is $35/hr.(min. 1 hr). Rate drops to $30/hr after 10 hrs booked, and further drops to $25 for 40+ booked hrs. This includes an engineer, the use of the studio facility and its inventory (see attached inventory list). For every hour over an 8 hour day, the rate is $50/hr (overtime). Equipment that is not part of PlugHead Productions' inventory can be acquired but will be subject to rental costs, shipping, taxes or other applicable charges.


There are two methods of payment for work(s) created at PlugHead Productions:

For project-based goals (fixed budget or contract work) the client is required to pay 50% of the projected 'total' studio cost in advance, with the remainder to be paid upon completion.

For indeterminate projects (non-deadline/ongoing recordings/productions), payment is required at the end of each session.

No master mixes will leave the premises until full payment is received.

All balances are payable to PlugHead Productions via cash or cheque.

Cancelled Sessions

The cancellation of a session is often inevitable. However, a 'no show' (no phone call/notice) will be charged for the time booked. If cancellation occurs from 1 to 3 days prior to the session, the client will be charged for 1/2 the session(s) value. If cancellation occurs 3 days (or more) in advance of session dates, the artist can re-book the session(s) without penalty, allowing the studio to re-book the (newly) available time with other clients. This is a policy based on courtesy and professionalism: please respect it.


PlugHead Productions also provides production services. This cost is not included in the regular studio rate. Production fees are dependent on the scope of the project and can be discussed further with the facility owner. The client may choose to hire outside the facility for production services, or may choose to self-produce their project. Self-production duties rest on the client. This can often result in unfocussed time management which can inflate studio costs. In this case, the client is fully responsible for the production of his/her material as well as the hours accrued in the studio. For further details, please contact the facility owner.

Location Recording

PlugHead Productions offers location recording services, including location sound recording, remote recording, boom-pole operation and field recording. Rates vary according to the necessary gear and the amount of setup and teardown time required. Please contact the facility owner for a quote regarding your needs.

Session Players

Should the client require session players, PlugHead Productions can recommend competent musicians. At the end of the session, it is the client's responsibility to pay the musicians. The studio owner is also a session player and can provide musical services on a variety of instruments. These services are not provided free of charge. Usual musician fees are a minimum of $75 per single song/session , to a maximum of $300/day (8 hrs). Above 8 hrs, session fees increase to $50/hr + the day rate ($300).


Copies of session recordings can be issued at a cost of $1 per track. This covers the cost of replication (use of computer/CD burner), the media (CD-R's/tapes) and the operator's time in making duplicates.


If the client wishes to have backups of their sessions and related tracks, they are required to pay for archiving services. This can be done in one of two ways: either the client can purchase a hard drive (firewire/USB. etc) for their project, or they can choose to have them archived to CD-R/DVD-R. The latter method may require sessions to be partitioned to hold all session data. PlugHead Productions recommends the use of a hard drive - sessions are more efficiently and securely archived and may still be utilized for further recording should the client require. The cost of archiving varies. You can discuss this further with PlugHead Productions for the option best suiting your needs. Archiving is recommended, but not required. Should the client decide against archiving their material, please be aware that session data will be permanently erased upon completion of the project.

  • DAW/Converters/Recorders
  • Pro Tools MIX+++ (ver. 5.1.3/OS 9.2.2)
  • Pro Tools LE (ver. 7.4.2 w Elastic Audio)
  • Apogee AD-8000SE AD/DA converters
  • Digidesign 888/24
  • Ramsa WZ-AD-96M Converters
  • Rosendahl Nanosyncs (ver.3) WordClock Distribution
  • MicroTrak II 24/96 CF recorder
  • Sony MD recorder
  • Fostex R8 8 channel tape machine
  • Sony TC-788-4 tape machine
  • Sony cassette deck
  • PowerMac G4,1.25 GHz
  • MacBook 2.16 Ghz
  • Software/Plug-ins/Library/internet-FTP
  • Plug-Ins include: Waves, Massey, TC, Lexicon, McDSP, Line-6, etc.
  • Instruments/libraries: Spectrasonics, BigFish Audio, Bob Clearmountain, East/West Orchestra, NYC DrumWorks, Funky Ass Loops, Hollywood Edge, etc.
  • Hi-speed internet for file UL/DL, FTP/distance sessions spanning the globe...
  • Outboard
  • 2 X John Hardy M-1 mic pre's
  • 2 X Buzz Audio MA 2.2 mic-pre's
  • 2 X Neve Portico 5012 mic pre's
  • 1 X RCA BN-5A mic-pre
  • 1 X API 512b mic pre
  • 2 X Ward Beck M-470 mic pre's
  • 1 X SE Ghost mic pre/DI
  • 8 X Ramsa WZ-AD96M mic-pre's
  • 2 X TLAudio C1 mic-pre's
  • 2 X Scully 280 mic-pre's
  • 1 X Overstayer compressor (modded)
  • 2 X ART Pro VLA compressor
  • 2 X TLAudio C1 compressor
  • 2 X RNC compressor
  • 2 X BFE-Filtek MK-3 EQ's
  • 2 X JLM PEQ-500 EQ's
  • 2 X Eisen lilPEQ-r EQ's
  • 1 X Standard Audio Level-OR
  • Buzz Audio MIA 1.1 DI
  • Avenson Small DI
  • 2 X Behringer DI's
  • Microphones
  • Neumann SM69FET stereo multi-pattern microphone
  • Neumann KM88 multi-pattern microphone
  • Neumann KMR-81 short shotgun microphone
  • Shure SM7b
  • AKG C422 stereo mic
  • AEA R-88 stereo ribbon microphone
  • Royer R-121 ribbon microphone
  • 2 X DPA (B&K) 4060 omni microphones
  • 2 X AKG C-451-E microphones with BLUE R6 lollipop capsule, 2 X CK-1 capsules, CK-9 capsule
  • 2 X Chameleon Labs TS-1 small diaphragm tube condenser microphones
  • 2 X CAD E-100 condenser microphones
  • 2 X Sennheiser 421 dynamic microphones
  • Sennheiser MK-401E condenser microphone
  • Rode NT-1 condenser microphone
  • 2 X Shure SM57 dynamic microphones
  • 2 X Shure SM58 dynamic microphones
  • 4 X Karma X-micro omni condenser microphones
  • 1 X ACM-6802-T multi-pattern tube microphone
  • 1 X ACM-900 tube ribbon microphone
  • 1 X ACM-4 ribbon microphone
  • 2 X Beyer M160 ribbon microphones
  • 2 X Sony C38b
  • 2 X Countryman Isomax
  • Monitoring
  • ProAc studio 100's
  • Hypex 180HG X2 custom built monitoring amplifier
  • ZT lunchbox guitar amplifier
  • BlueSky: Sky System 1, "THX approved" full-range monitoring
  • Mirage bookshelf speakers
  • Instruments:
  • Kimball grand piano
  • Fender Rhodes Mark I (suitcase) piano
  • Roland FP-8 piano
  • MidiMan 62 note keyboard/MIDI controller
  • Custom cutaway acoustic guitar
  • Seagull acoustic guitar
  • Rudolph Meinl CC Tuba
  • Bach 42 tenor trombone
  • Getzen valve trombone
  • Istanbul dumbek
  • Various percussion items...

  • 62 East St. N.
  • Dundas ON
  • L9H 1P3
  • Canada
  • tel/fax. 905-628-9596

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